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Here are some ideas on how to get a real flavour of life in the UK with a wide range of activities. You may start out thinking you'll not enjoy them at all. You may end up hating them. On the other hand, you may discover something new, stimulating and life-enhancing. Even if you find it baffling or dull, there will always be some aspect of it that can assist critical thinking and personal development.

Check out the What's On section in Kestrel Connect Forum for updates on all events.

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If you are studying science, maths or technology - or even if you are just interested in these subjects - you can attend a Fair. This will give you the opportunity to see and discuss cutting-edge technology and meet leading scientists.

The British Science Association holds fairs around the country and lists upcoming events. You can apply for a student bursary to attend some major events or even apply to work as an assistant on site.


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In one survey of 200 international students, not a single one admitted to enjoying classical music. However, if you go to a concert you may be surprised by the number of young people in the audience or even performing on stage. The term 'classical music' covers several centuries of work right up to the the latest compositions.
There are many great music venues all around the UK, and many opportunities to hear great international stars in concert. Most of these now cost much less than, for example, attending a Premier League football match.

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Stand-up comedy has become mega in the UK over the last two decades. You might have a whale of a time, or you might not find it particularly funny. Either way you'll get an idea of what British people are talking about and what they find amusing, ridiculous, outrageous and edgy.

If you're something of a psychologist, you'll be intrigued by what the British laugh at in spite of themselves, or how they respond to peer and crowd pressure to applaud, even if their first instinct is to remain unimpressed. On the other hand, you may just be swept away in the fun and euphoria.

Satire is very big in the UK and some people would say it has to be. This form of comedy is what the British do instead of staging revolutions or complaining directly about things they don't like. You will notice that the British don't like to draw attention to themselves or 'cause a fuss'. They would prefer to moan quietly to themselves and 'suck it up', rather than do anything that might actually change things. Anyway, enjoy a laugh and decide for yourself.

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The UK has many excellent theatre companies, either in residence at a major playhouse or on tour. Most people get their drama through cinema or TV, but the theatre is still the most challenging environment for actors, writers and audiences.

You can choose a well-known musical or play. Or you can choose a contemporary work which has something new to say. Check out local theatre online listings for your area, and keep an eye on our recommendations on this site. Students can buy tickets at reduced prices. One good tactic is to go to a theatre midweek and ask if there are any 'returns' for that day's performance. You may then be offered a cheap seat far from the stage. However, on arrival at the theatre that evening you may be 'upgraded' to a much better seat. It may not work every time, but it's always worth a try.