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International Students bring a great deal to both UK educational institutions and the wider economy. However, UK citizens and even government officials do not always appreciate the contribution made by international students.

Kestrel Connect lobbies and campaigns for improvements in conditions for international students. This includes changing general perceptions and attitudes or specific policies in government and other organisations. Check here and in the Forum for updates.

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In 2012
, this writer witnessed the following during a mainline railway journey from London to South Wales. The ticket inspector approached a middle-aged Englishman for his ticket. He could not find the relevant part and could only present proof of payment. He apologised profusely and searched his pockets yet again. The ticket inspector accepted that he had somehow lost the part of the ticket that showed which train he was allowed to take.

In the next seat sat a Brazilian international student travelling on a UK train for the first time. She presented her ticket. The inspector pointed out that this ticket only allowed her to travel on a train running an hour later. She was then required to pay an additional £160 immediately, or leave the train at the next stop and present herself to the station master.

UK citizens with native English language skills sometimes have trouble understanding complicated train fare protocols. Some do not know where to look on the ticket to find necessary information. There has long been a campaign among British rail commuters to make the system and its administration fairer and more transparent.

Kestrel Connect is conducting a campaign to protect international students from unfair or arbitrary treatment by British rail companies. We are demanding that companies supply clearer information and deliver it to rail users more effectively.

You can follow our campaign progress on our Facebook page. Contact us if you feel you have been unfairly treated by a British rail company, or indeed anyone else.