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International Students Connect

Just Connect for International Students

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by Robert Teed and Felix Bennett, with over 100 original illustrations

96-page books introducing students to important issues in a light-hearted way. Above all, they encourage students to make the most of their stay in the country while exploring important aspects of cross-cultural awareness that aid personal development.

Topics covered include culture shock, British identities, making friends, educational culture, food, humour, leisure, the law, governance and much more.

International Students Connect is written for students with advanced English.
Just Connect is more suitable for younger students with intermediate-level English.

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45 pages of vital information for students planning to study in the UK. If you're aiming to become an English language learner, a college student, a university undergraduate or postgraduate, this document will lead you through those crucial months of preparation before leaving home and that all-important settling-in period after your arrival.

Highly recommended by schools and higher education institutions in the UK.

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