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We now have a new website for students studying English in their home countries or who  are in the UK to study at English language schools or colleges.

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Do's and don'ts

When choosing your school or college, do ...

  • make sure it has all the necessary licences to run English language courses for international students.

  • try to contact other students who have attended an institution that interests you and ask if they would recommend it.

  • remember that London is usually more expensive than other towns and cities.

  • ask the college or school staff any important questions you may have before you make your choice and pay a deposit.

  • ask what the examination pass rate was in the previous year, especially for any course you intend to take.

  • check out our advice in our Connect Movie and Connect Pdf.

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When you get to the UK, do ...

  • make sure you are comfortable in your accommodation.

  • ask to change your accommodation if you are not comfortable for any important reason.

  • find out about activities and other things that may interest you in the local area.

  • visit the local tourist information office.

  • think about joining a local club or society that interests you, as it will help improve your English communication skills.

  • think about any differences in educational culture and discuss these with your teachers, so that you understand why teachers and other students behave in certain ways that are new to you.

  • take as many opportunities as you can to practise your English.

  • get the radio schedules, find programmes that interest you and listen to talk radio: it has educated many millions for free, so why not you?

  • keep informed by following the news in English online or on TV, so that you have topics to discuss with your teachers and other students.

  • have fun, try new experiences, but stay safe and legal.
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Don't ...

  • be afraid to complain or tell staff at your school or college if you are not satisfied with something.
  • worry if you don't understand a lot of the English you hear when you first arrive; keep listening and you will get used to the accents and language being spoken.
  • mix only with other students who speak your language: try to practise your English as much as possible.
  • forget that there are plenty of people who are happy and willing to help you: just ask.
  • take chances by breaking the law: for example, by driving illegally, drinking alcohol while under age, travelling without a ticket or with an invalid ticket.
  • forget to let others know where you are if you go out alone or on a trip.
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