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Do's and don'ts

When choosing your junior centre, do ...

  • try to contact other students who have been there and find out if you would like it.

  • check that it has the type of activities that interest you.

  • check that your English teachers will be experienced and qualified.
  • ask if the activities leaders are chosen by the centre for their abilities as activity leaders, and are not simply young, inexperienced people hired from agencies.

  • check that the facilities featured in photos and advertisements are actually used by junior centre visitors.

  • ask the centre management any important questions you have before you pay a deposit.

  • find out what it's like to stay with a host family by watching our Connect Movie or reading our Connect Pdf.

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When you get to the UK, do ...

  • make sure you are comfortable in your accommodation.

  • ask to change your accommodation if you are not comfortable for any important reason.

  • find out about activities and other things that may interest you in the local area.

  • mix with people from other countries and practise your English.

  • make sure you know what activities are taking place each day; ask staff if you're not sure.

  • make the most of your stay by discovering things to do and places to visit; you can suggest these to staff and activity leaders.

  • remember that there are plenty of places to visit that are free: for example, parks, museums and famous street markets.

  • check out our list of interesting events taking place in your area.

  • have fun, try new experiences, but stay safe!
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Don't ...

  • be afraid to complain or tell staff at your school or college if you are not satisfied with something.
  • worry if you don't understand a lot of the English you hear when you first arrive; keep listening and you will get used to the accents and language.
  • mix only with other students who speak your language: try to practise your English as much as possible.
  • forget that there are plenty of people who are happy and willing to help you: just ask.
  • go into pubs or shops and try to buy alcohol if you are under 18.
  • take chances by breaking the law: for example, by travelling without a valid ticket.
  • go off by yourself; if you're in a small group always let others know where you are.
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