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The events below are chosen with international students in mind. We won't be listing popular entertainment. That's easy to do, and you know what you like. But we'll be posting items of academic or cultural interest that could easily escape the attention of busy students.
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2015 marks the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. This document was signed by King John under pressure from his barons to reform customs and practices that made life difficult for many of his subjects. Magna Carta is regarded as an important step towards holding rulers to account for their policies and actions. Many of its principles were later written into the constitutions of newly independent states around the world.
There will be numerous events and lectures around the UK and in other countries in 2015. Check this website for events near you. We will also send you alerts as key dates approach.

  Topic When and where Event
Science 1 Science
Until April 2015
Science Museum,
Exhibition Rd, London

Unlocking Lovelock: Scientist, Inventor, Maverick
Discover the archives of James Lovelock - formulator of the Gaia hypothesis - and one of the foremost scientists and inventors of our age. FREE

Law and History

12th February, 2015

Great Hall
King's College London Strand, London.

Magna Carta Uncovered
Lord Judge, a distinguished UK judge, will deliver a key lecture on understanding the historical and legal significance of Magna Carta. Part of the events to celebrate the 800th anniversary of this groundbreaking historical document. FREE
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 Art Art
Starts Friday 24 Oct
until 22 Feb 2015
Showing at 3 Cardiff venues
National Museum, Cardiff
Chapter & Ffotogallery.

The Artes Mundi prize exhibitions
9 short-listed artists from around the world compete for the biggest cash prize awarded for the arts in the UK.
Showing at three venues in the Welsh capital.

Starting 10th April until
28th June.
London, Northampton,

King John
by William Shakespeare
Shakespeare's Globe contributes to this year's celebration of Magna Carta by staging the Bard's take on King John, whose misrule led ultimately to defeat and his signature on the famous charter.
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